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Server Enclosures

Server Rack Enclosures with Standard and Custom Components and Accessories

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Our company manufactures and sells server enclosures at factory direct prices in a very large diversity of sizes, colors and configurations, from the very standard to highly customized products.

As a server enclosure manufacturer, distributor and supplier with decades of experience in metal fabrication, we serve commercial, telecom, industrial, military and medical markets with outstanding products at very competitive prices.

Whether you're in need of new server enclosures, custom sizes, custom colors, custom configurations, rail placement, cable management, custom components and accessories, our specialists are ready to help you build and configure products built to your exact specifications or requirements.

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We meet and exceed expectations for innovative server enclosure design, server enclosure engineering, quality manufacturing, robusteness, reliability and customer support. Our specialists are ready to help you find the right products for your applications within your budget and delivery times.

Please see below our offer:

  • Standard and Custom Server Enclosures, including 19 Inch with various heights
  • Small Server Enclosures, Portable Server Enclosures, Air Conditioned Server Enclosures, Wall Mount Server Enclosures with a very large diversity of Server Rack Hardware, Accessories and Components
  • Built to Specs - Server Enclosures built to your exact specifications
  • Server Enclosure Design for Standard 19" size and other sizes
  • Server Enclosure Engineering, Rapid Prototypes and Development
  • Server Enclosure Manufacturing in Standard and Custom Sizes and Colors
  • Small Runs, Unique, Built to Specs, Specialty Server Enclosures, MIL Spec Rackmounts, Marine and Shipboard Metal Enclosures and Cases and other Requirements
  • Medium to Large Runs with fast delivery times and at factory direct prices
  • Heavy Duty Server Enclosures, Industrial Server Enclosures, Custom Rackmount Chassis
  • Server Enclosures for Medical Facilities, Hospitals, etc.
  • Discounts for Volume Orders by any Business, Educational Facilities, Government Orders and the Military
  • In House Custom Metal Fabrication and Sheet metal fabrication -  full production capabilities in the USA
  • Server Enclosure Manufacturing facility and Warehouse located in New Jersey
  • Distribution and Wholesale of well known Brands, sch as Kendall Howard, APW and Gruber

We have great solutions for all your electrical, information technology and communication equipment, including, computers, servers, switches, UPS baterries and other hardware. Contact us today to discuss your needs, such as:

  • Server Enclosure Mounting
  • Server Enclosure Protection
  • Server Enclosure Powering
  • Server Enclosure Cooling
  • Server Enclosure Components and Accessories

Your server enclosures will be shipped to you with all the customizations you need. If you prefer to browse and order from our online catalog, please check our server enclosure prices and specifications.



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Gaw Technology  - your Server Rack, Cabinet and Enclosure Manufacturer and Supplier
Factory Direct Prices, Free or Low Cost Customizations, Large Diversity of Standard Sizes

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