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Products & Services Overview
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Products and Services Overview

Cabinets, Racks and Enclosures, Pre-configured, Custom Configured and Custom Manufacturing Services

We supply Racks and Enclosures for quality installations; our products are robust, reliable and built to last. Please see below some of our products and contact us to buy racks and enclosures.

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Descriptions and Applications


Server Enclosures
APWMayville Server Enclosures create and control the environment to help ensure your computer servers and other active equipment can work safely and securely. The enclosures provide a number of distinct benefits to the users and installers of servers, which are increasing in size and complexity with every new product release. Our ability to handle large volumes of cables ensures that the large amounts of input and output connections can be accommodated, while the increase in the depth of the enclosure, up to 42", ensures sufficient hardware space. APWMayville Server Enclosures are compatible with virtually all major servers and can store both tower-style and rack-mount equipment up to a total of 2000 lbs. Offered in Pre-Configured Kits or Build-Your-Own models that can be easily custom configured for a broad range of applications. The optional split rear door provides easier access and maneuverability in data center and IT environments.

Designed for Datacom - Computers and Servers

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Cabling Cabinets
Just plug it in and load it up! It's that easy with the Pioneer™ Quicksilver™ Cabling Cabinet, the industry's first enclosure clustering solution. The Quicksilver™ provides easy installation and reconfiguration of multiple 19" rack mount equipment, as well as hubs, multi-port patch panels, switches and other hardware, all within one enclosure. Use one simple model number to order a pre-assembled enclosure kit (offered in Enhanced and Basic models). Available in 3 heights and 2 depths, all with the unique 19" rack mount Quicksilver™ Cable Management Rails featuring integrated cabling rings on the front rails.

Designed for Datacom - Computers and Servers

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Broadcast Racks / Communications Racks
When large volumes of cables require multiple lacing points, the Broadcast Rack is the ideal industry rack solution.

Designed for Broadcast - Communications Equipment


Seismic Enclosures
For regions with seismic activity, APWMayville's Pioneer™ Seismic Enclosure provides structural stability, meeting both Zone 4 and GR-63-CORE requirements. The heavy-duty 14 gauge all steel construction supports up to 1,500 lbs by using our exclusive InterWeld™ process, ensuring maximum rigidity and stability. The unique uni-channel design provides both expandability and versatility. Available in 4 heights, 3 widths and 3 depths, all with multiple rail styles to meet any rack mount requirement. The Seismic Enclosure offers all the premium features and benefits of the Pioneer™ Enclosure in cost-effective seismic models.

Designed for Datacom - Computers and Servers


AV Racks - Audio Racks, Video Racks
Economical, rack- mountable solution for virtually any AV system buildout. A modular and versatile rack line with 5 heights and 2 widths.

Designed for Professional Audio Video


Multi Purpose Enclosures
Designed for optimal flexibility and value, Pioneer™ Enclosures allow you to custom design your own configuration from APWMayville's wide selection of core components. The heavy-duty 14 gauge all steel construction supports up to 2,000 lbs by using our exclusive InterWeld™ process, ensuring maximum rigidity and stability. The unique uni-channel design provides both expandability and versatility. Available in 9 heights, 3 widths and 4 depths, all with multiple rails styles to meet any rack mount requirement. With it's wide range of accessory options, the Pioneer™ Enclosure is geared toward general application environments, including network server, telecom, equipment room, and may other electronic datacom applications. Plus, Pioneer's modular design allows use as a stand-alone unit or a multi-bay assembly.

Designed for:

  • Datacom - Computers and Servers
  • Professional Audio Video
  • Broadcast - Communications Equipment
  • Security - Surveillance Equipment


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Pre-Configured Racks and Enclosures

We offer pre-configured racks and enclosures for rapid deployment, such as the 42U server racks, 42U server cabinets, Computer Server Racks and Computer Server Cabinets. We supply APW Mayville Datacom / IT / Technology racks and enclosure solutions, and Optima Cabinets and Enclosures. We serve OEMs, integrators, and end-users. Please contact us for more info and to buy pre-configured racks and enclosures.

Custom Configured Racks and Enclosures, Custom Manufacturing Services

We have the capability to supply racks and enclosures with custom configurations and custom cooling plenums for data centers, IT departments, campuses, the government agencies and other customers. We also offer sheet metal fabrication services, and precision machining. Please contact us for a Quick Quote.

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