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Kendall Howard Racks


Kendall Howard Racks

Server Racks for Small Office / Home Office - 8U, 12U, 20U, 41U


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Kendall Howard 8U Rack, 8U Portable Rack System - the perfect solution for just about any racking need. The 8U cabinet is great for small closets, under the desk applications or countertops. Ships UPS.

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Kendall Howard 12U Rack, 12U Portable Rack System - durable, lightweight, stackable, and completely portable, ships UPS

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Kendall Howard 20U Rack, 20U Portable Rack System for the small business home office network, ships UPS

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Kendall Howard 41U Rack, 41U Server Rack is a great all around entry level racking system.

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Kendall Howard 41U Cabinet, 41U Server Cabinet - designed with the IT professional in mind.

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| Kendall Howard Products | Kendall Howard Racks | Kendall Howard Rack Accessories |
| Kendall Howard LAN Stations | Kendall Howard LAN Station Accessories |

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| Buy Online Kendall Howard Racks | Buy Online Kendall Howard Rack Accessories |
| Buy Online Kendall Howard LAN Stations | Buy Online Kendall Howard LAN Station Accessories |

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