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Server Cabinets, USA Custom Rack Cabinet Manufacturer, Server Rack Cooling Solutions, Computer Training Desks / Tables Manufacturers

Rack Cabinet Manufacturer and Supplier- New Jersey, USA

Preconfigured CabinetGaw Technology is a manufacturer and supplier of standard and custom Rack Cabinets, Computer Desks and Workstations, Training Tables, as well as Industrial and Heavy Duty Server Cabinets.  While we offer a wide range of preconfigured server cabinets, we understand that many of our customers have specific, sometimes unique, requirements for the server cabinet they are contemplating purchasing.   Our engineers and  tech support experts are standing by to assist you with your questions or unique rack cabinet requirements


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Not only that our rack cabinet experts will help you navigate through the complexity of selecting the right rack cabinet features and accessories, but also they can help you specify server cabinets for custom built.  Manufacturing custom server cabinets is our specialty. For decades we have developed a sterling reputation of building made-in-the-USA server cabinets for customers from the smallest to the largest Fortune 100 companies

SOHO RacksCustom Server Cabinets for Data Centers

As a Rack Cabinet Manufacturer and Supplier for data centers and IT environments throughout the industry, we offer a wide range of rack cabinets and enclosures compliant to the latest EIA standards and equipped with innovative and cost effective cooling solutions.  In addition  to our own line, we also offer products from APW Mayville Optima, Gruber, Kendall Howard and more.

If we do not have a rack cabinet on hand that perfectly fits your requirements,  we have the engineering and manufacturing expertise to design and economically manufacture a  custom rack cabinet that will satisfy  even the most stringent or unique requirements. We pride in our unparalleled ability to respond quickly and cost effectively to challenges in manufacturing virtually any server cabinets. 

Our server cabinets and enclosures can be specifically designed to allow the optimum installation of equipment  from IBM, Hewlett Packard, Dell, as well as other leading manufacturers of network hardware.


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Server Cabinets and Enclosures with High Efficiency Cooling -  Rack Cabinet High Density Server Solutions

We supply and manufacturedata center racks,  server cabinets and enclosures with high efficiency cooling for high density blade servers and other equipment at factory direct prices.  Our manufacturing facility has the engineering and manufacturing expertise to cost effectively design and manufacture in the USA a rack cabinet line of the highest quality. Please browse our online store for the  server cabinets available online, or Request a Quote.

Double Wide Server Cabinets

Cable Management Rack Cabinet

Custom Rack Cabinet Manufacturer

In addition to Standard, off-the-shelf products Gaw Technology provides our customers with Custom server cabinets manufactured to precise customer specifications.  Email or call our custom rack cabinet team today. Not only that our experts will help you select the right rack cabinet features and accessories, but also they can help you find solutions for any specific technical challenges you may face. Manufacturing cost effective, high quality custom server cabinets here in the US, is our specialty. Let us put our decades of design and problem solving experience to work for you!

LAN Stations - Kendall Howard

Computer Training  Desks /  Training Tables

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