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Testimonials 1GTI was established in 1990. We are a Woman Owned Business located in New Jersey.  Our customers are worldwide including telecommunication companies, data processing companies, medical institutions, research & development firms, banks and financial institutions etc...

Mission Statement:

We earn our customers trust and respect in order to earn their business. To do so, we must continue to offer the highest quality products and services at the lowest possible prices.

We stand behind our quality and service to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchases.

Our customers are important to us.
Always feel free to share your concerns with us:


We build an unparalleled level of customer loyalty by living every working day according to this creed and statement.   Much to our satisfaction, our customers recognize our efforts and our success in implementing this very customer centric corporate strategy.
Here are some of their comments:

"AT&T uses GAW cabinets in many of our network deployments and we are very satisfied with the cabinet performance and GAW's overall level of service."

AT&T Seismic & Infrastructure SME

"I want to thank you for the quality and performance of the equipment cabinets you have supplied for nearly 15 years. We appreciate the professionalism of your team and the on time deliveries of materials we order."

MB, Globecomm Systems Inc.

"I got the best service I could ask for: Thanks a lot for your support."


"Outstanding in all respects."

GB, American Systems

"Thanks for the great work."

JS, Aguilar Amplification

"I love working with GAW. They are informative and on time with all my deliveries."

ND, AT&T Network Planning

Join our family of satisfied customers and get data center solutions that protect and enhance the  performance of your equipment.

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Testimonials 2

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Gaw Technology  - your Server Rack, Cabinet and Enclosure Manufacturer and Supplier
Factory Direct Prices, Free or Low Cost Customizations, Large Diversity of Standard Sizes

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