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Custom Design & Manufacturing

LAN Cabinets, Enclosures, Racks, Computer Room Furniture and Consoles

In addition to our standard products, we custom manufacture LAN cabinets, enclosures, racks, computer room furniture and consoles to your most specific requirements. Our goal is to support you, our customer, achieve both network organisation and security in the most economical fashion.

We ensure a quick response and turn-around in designing, building and delivering custom-made products to our customers, through
certified manufacturing facilities.

We emphasize the modular concept that allows flexible equipment configurations and furniture layouts. We design in a manner that allows you to refine and further customize your set-up by adding stationary and sliding shelves, storage compartments, power outlet strips, front access cable management systems and cooling devices such as fan assemblies and blower units.

Challange us with your custom requirements or your
price targets. We will respond with high quality, economic solutions that will become the foundation for a long term relationship of service and dedication.

Call us Toll Free at for a
FREE consultation on your particular Cabinet, LAN Furniture or Sheet Metal Fabrication needs. Explore with our engineers the most economical solution for protecting and organizing your LAN equipment.

GTI: Complete systems to hold and protect
every element of your network... safely and economically

E-Mail or Call us Toll Free:

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