Four Options for Better Airflow Management in Your Data Center

Posted by Gaw Technology on 9/29/2015 to Data Center Topics

There's no question that data center managers must incorporate air flow management systems to ensure optimal performance of their equipment. Servers that are facing greater storage and performance demands than ever before can overheat very quickly. According to Data Center Knowledge, servers need inlet air temperatures between 66°F and 77° F to function properly. This means that the volume of cooling air required is approximately 160 cubic feet per minute (CFM) per kilowatt (kW) for rack-mount servers and 120 CFM per kW for blade servers. 

When Does It Get Too Hot in the Data Center?

Posted by Gaw Technology on 8/19/2015 to Data Center Topics

Unfortunately, your data center hardware cannot operate in every temperature. For example, if the data center gets too hot, which can easily happen on a warm summer day, your equipment is old, you have an inefficient layout, or if the server is being overused, this could result in the equipment getting overheated. This result could be detrimental to your operations and bottom line. For example, most servers shut down when they hit their 99% threshold. This is done to protect the equipment, but it can result in the loss of pertinent data. It could also cost a fortune. 

Why Cooling Matters in 1st Quarter Planning

Posted by Gaw Technology on 8/17/2015 to Data Center Topics

October 1st is the start of the first quarter of the fiscal year for businesses, and it is generally a busy time for most businesses. Think about it in regard to retail. The first quarter includes Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, so spending is usually up. People are also going back to their routines as summer vacations are over and the children go back to school.


Businesses, at this time, are developing plans as well to ensure optimal operations – from assessing labor needs to improving services. One thing that can't be dismissed is the data center, which is increasingly becoming important to a business's daily operations. It's for this reason why cooling systems matter so much.


How to Keep the Data Center Cool in the Hotter Months

Posted by Gaw Technology on 8/13/2015 to Data Center Topics

We're a little more than halfway through the summer, and many parts of the country have experienced very hot temperatures. In New Jersey where Gaw Technology is headquartered, July was very hot with many days reaching 90 or above. Although we're now officially in August, that doesn't mean that the heat has ended. In fact, August and the early parts of September can produce some of the year's hottest temperatures.  For data center professionals, this can be problematic as higher external temperatures can put their cooling systems at capacity and increase the risk of a potential shutdown. In addition to that, cooling costs can go up as well. 

Improving Employee Productivity in the Data Center through Furniture

Posted by Gaw Technology on 7/6/2015 to Data Center Topics
Are your employees as productive as they can be? If not, you might want to look at the desks and other office furniture. A feature from Inc. Magazine last year took a look at how office furniture and setup can affect productivity. Office workers not only are turned off by old, boring furniture; it could actually make them lazier. Additionally, desks that do not allow for proper organization or aren't designed with ergonomics in mind can hinder productivity as well.

Replacing Coal Power Plants with Green Powered Data Centers

Posted by Gaw Technology on 7/1/2015 to Data Center Topics
Although the Environmental Protection Agency took a hit this week when the Supreme Court blocked the EPA's Clean Air Act, that doesn't mean there haven't been significant contributions to environmentalism. It's just coming from the private sector. One interesting change that has taken place is Google's initiative to redevelop old coal power plants that have been closed into new renewable energy-powered data centers.