Why Use Server Cabinets? 4 Benefits to Consider

Posted by Gaw Technology on 9/18/2014 to Rack Knowledge

Today, almost every business has servers and computer equipment but not all use professional server cabinets. This can be a mistake, because server cabinets offer real advantages. Here are some of the benefits to consider of using cabinets:

1.       Protect your servers

Your servers are among your company’s most valuable investments. Not only is the technology itself expensive, but the data they house is the most crucial resource a typical company has. Without your servers, operations would come to a quick halt—and that’s why they need to be protected. Server cabinets are designed to keep your servers stable and operational, in several key ways:

·         Provide a secure rack that will not tip over or fail

·         Designed to allow air flow and to work hand in hand with cooling measures

·         Many have closable doors to physically protect the servers

·         Earthquake-resistant server cabinets are available to protect your equipment even during a disaster 

2.       Keep the space organized

Servers are hubs where numerous cables and cords come together which can make them both hard to work with, as well as a potential hazard. However, another benefit of server cabinets is that they have built-in features that help organize cables and keep them out of the way in neat channels and bundles. This not only is more aesthetically pleasing, but it helps keep your space organized and worker-friendly.

3.       Make maintenance easy

Server maintenance can be difficult. That’s because it may not always be obvious which server has an issue at a glance and even when the culprit is identified, it’s not easy to pull out the unit in question and work with it. Plus, all server maintenance and repairs need to happen on a tight timeline because getting them back online is often crucial to a business. Server cabinets help by making it easy to work with servers from the front or back and effortlessly pull a single machine from the rack for work. In fact, easy maintenance is one of the main reasons server racks were developed in the first place.

4.       Make server areas more attractive

While appearance doesn’t matter at every facility, a messy or unprofessional data room can send a bad signal to potential clients or anyone else who walks through. Plus, servers can be obtrusive when located in work spaces. Server cabinets help keep servers looking like the high tech tools they are, and help them blend into a professional environment. When the cabinets have doors they can also create a stylish and unobtrusive look.

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