Why Cooling Matters in 1st Quarter Planning

Posted by Gaw Technology on 8/17/2015 to Data Center Topics

October 1st is the start of the first quarter of the fiscal year for businesses, and it is generally a busy time for most businesses. Think about it in regard to retail. The first quarter includes Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, so spending is usually up. People are also going back to their routines as summer vacations are over and the children go back to school.

Businesses, at this time, are developing plans as well to ensure optimal operations – from assessing labor needs to improving services. One thing that can't be dismissed is the data center, which is increasingly becoming important to a business's daily operations. It's for this reason why cooling systems matter so much.

What's at stake? It could mean anything from higher energy costs to a complete server shutdown. Did you know that legacy cooling systems waste over 60 percent of their cooling energy? There are a number of factors involved in why this is the case. The first thing to consider is how you address airflow management. Are you allowing for free air cooling when that is possible, especially during the wintertime? Do you have some form of cold air containment in place?

Efficient data center cooling systems usually include some form of a hot aisle/cold aisle cooling system that separates any hot air that is exhaust from the cold air that keeps the data center equipment cool. If you are looking for a solution to better address data center cooling efficiency, Gaw Technology can help.

We can recommend a cooling solution that facilitates proper air flow management, incorporating server cabinets, air flow plenums, air containment curtains, and more to keep your cooling costs at a minimum, improve energy efficiency, and negate the risk of a complete server shutdown.

In addition to the right server cabinets and other hardware, you may want to look at the data center equipment you use. If most of your equipment is older, this will affect the amount of energy it requires as well. Other causes of concern could be inefficient light bulbs and other necessary accessories that could generate too much heat.

Cooling matters in any business's operating plans for the first quarter. If, in the past, you have experienced higher cooling costs, now is the perfect time to address this issue. Contact a Gaw Technology associate today to request a quote and help you find the best cooling solution available.  

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