Who Needs to Use a Seismic Rack?

Posted by Gaw Technology on 4/24/2014

At face value, seismic racks may not seem like the sort of device that you need to have on hand at all times. For better or worse, such a shelving unit is only needed in certain situations, but does that mean you should completely invest in one when you could simply use a smaller or lighter rack?

Instead of trying to find reasons as to why you should not purchase one, however, why not consider the reasons why it might be a good idea?  Trying to go without one could be a big mistake if you aren’t aware of their full benefits. The following reasons are just a small sample of reasons as to why you may need seismic racks at your office..

It Only Takes a Single Time
While your workplace might not experience constant seismic activity, that is no reason to dismiss these helpful racks. After all, it only takes one unexpected earthquake to bring down an entire server room. The amount of equipment and data that could be lost during one event could undo months’ or years’ worth of work. Such a travesty can easily be prevented by relying on a sturdier, sounder shelving model.

Accidents as well as Natural Disasters
Just as natural disasters cannot be completely avoided, neither can accidents. We may be capable of reducing their occurrence to a rare event, but no location is without its unexpected occasions. Delivery truck collisions, construction mishaps, and other mishaps that may lead to sudden, jarring movement in the office might spell trouble if unattended servers begin to shake. In the event of an accident that would cause massive shaking or disturbance to your data room, seismic cabinets could prevent any damage from occurring.

The Addition of Human Error
Human beings are not perfect, and occasionally they cause their own worst problems. This issue only increases in likeliness when dealing with sensitive equipment. Bumping, overloading, pulling, or any of the countless mistakes that could be made by an individual could lead to unexpected destruction of property and data. Seismic racks provide that extra bit of protection for your servers, in the unfortunate event that one of your employees makes an honest mistake.

Investing in seismic racks might seem like an unnecessary effort, but taking preventative measures always seems like excess work until it pays off. Don’t wait until your equipment and data is completely lost to realize this important fact when a solution is only a phone call away.

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