What to Look for when Buying Computer Racks

Posted by Gaw Technology on 7/28/2014 to Rack Knowledge

Buying computer racks should be simple, but with the variety of machines, arrangements, and designs out there, choosing the right computer racks can be difficult. That means you need to work with a provider who offers unparalleled quality, service, and support. Here's what to look for before your next purchase:

No-hassle delivery and setup

Setting up computer racks is time-consuming and often requires familiarity with each individual model of rack being set up and installed. So you'd think that assembly and setup would be included with any server rack purchase, right? Unfortunately, this is far from the case. Most companies that sell computer racks do not provide assembly or charge a premium for it. Instead, they prefer to just drop off a box or pile of boxes and let you figure it out. However, there are companies that are an exception to this rule – such as Gaw Technology—who can provide a full set of services, from inception to completion and beyond. We offer full-service delivery, where our own personnel will arrive with the package, assemble the computer racks, and install them where you want them, making sure they are configured exactly as you prefer. We will then handle the cleanup and take any packaging materials with us, too.

Design and layout support

Many companies don't realize that they need this and find themselves unpleasantly surprised. You may have your own server architecture team on staff; if not, your IT employees may end up assembling a mish-mash of different racks in ways that are inefficient or actively cause problems. Computer racks should be properly chosen and arranged to maximize air flow, prevent fires and overheating damage, and make servicing the machines both safe and easy. Our quality computer rack company will offer design and setup support so that you choose the right models and put them in the best configurations to keep your operation running smoothly.

Attractive options for visible machines

Not all servers and computers are going to be hidden in back closets or server farms out of the public eye. Often, especially in creative firms and media production companies, specialized equipment in racks will be in work areas, meeting rooms or on proud public display. Clients may meet with designers, editors, and producers in the very workrooms where the machines are kept. That means style matters as much as functionality. At Gaw Technology, we offer creative, customizable, and visually-stunning options for conspicuous machines.

What special options do you look for in equipment rack services?

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