What Does a Networking Hardware Giant Have to Say about Data Center Management?

Posted by Gaw Technology on 4/9/2015 to Data Center Topics

There's no question that Cisco Systems is one of the most important corporations in Silicon Valley, providing best in class networking equipment for major data centers, small businesses, and home users. If you want to get a good idea of how to properly manage a data center, Cisco Systems would certainly serve as a credible resource. Cisco has a guide that details its Best Practices in data center management. According to the document, Cisco Systems has five production data centers and 51 engineering data centers across the globe. There are two production data centers located in its headquarters in San Jose.

Among the best practices in its production data center, they include:

  1. Cabling under Raised Floor Titles,
  2. Fire Suppression, including smoke sensors and alarms: If these are activated, FM200 will eventually be released to hopefully extinguish the fire without causing harm to those on the floor. There are sprinklers that can be activated as well if necessary. The sprinklers will only dispense water on the area where the fire is,
  3. Seismic Isolation Platforms for better earthquake protection without affecting data,
  4. Temperature Sensing System,
  5. PDU Cabinets to address increased need for power drops, and
  6. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System and Dual Backup Generators for 100% uptime.

The need for innovation in how we manage network configuration and storage is clear. This starts with the hardware and operations. How are data centers adapting their practices to address scaling data storage, increased security concerns, energy costs, disparate systems, customer demands and greater compliance requirements? Those that have a solution for all of these concerns through best practices and innovative hardware are the ones who will have the most success.

For example, to address growing concerns about seismic activity and how that could affect uptime and data storage if an event were to occur, Gaw Technology has created the most reliable seismic computer cabinets in the market that meet NEBS requirements for Zone 4 Seismic Earthquake Environments. An earthquake could mean damaged hardware, lost data, and network downtime.  In addition to seismic computer cabinets, we can customize any cabinet to address your cooling requirements.


When it comes to data center best practices, storage is paramount. Choose a Gaw Technology computer cabinet for a customizable solution to ensure optimal data center management. 

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