Use, Don’t Lose Your Mind: Tips for Staying Organized

Posted by Gaw Technology on 1/27/2014

In today’s technology and business world where every minute counts and multi-tasking has become the required standard, organization is more important than ever. And yet most people are not using all of the tools available to them. This has become an increasing problem recently, even in some of the most advanced business environments. So what are some ways to stay organized?  Here are some of the best tips for successfully keeping everything on track in the work place:

Use What You Have.

A surprisingly large number of people do not use the features built into the e-mail programs! For instance, in Microsoft Outlook, you can set up rules in the program itself that automatically sort and flag your e-mails.

Perhaps you get an e-mail every Monday morning from Susan titled “Project Budget Report” and you need to review it for the team meeting on Thursday. You can easily set up a rule that will flag any e-mail from Susan with the subject line “Project Budget Report” for follow up by Wednesday.  You can also use rules to automatically assign e-mails to specific color-coded categories.

Keep a Localized Calendar

This will make it easier to see which project is which at first glance, as well as help keep everyone involved on the same page.  It should be in a place you can immediately reference for upcoming deadlines.  Try to avoid calendar widgets you can install on your personal computer desktop, they may get lost amidst the multitudes of windows you might already have often.  Having a cluttered desktop is bad enough, try to keep it neat for peace of mind.

Lay Out Your Office Well

A great deal of personal disorganization comes from environmental disorganization. For an example, take a look at your company’s server room. Are the data cabinets neatly aligned into rows, allowing for enough room and easy access? Are you able to plug and unplug wires without causing a mess or tripping hazard? Much of this can be remedied by purchasing quality cabinets that make it easy to organize the computers they will hold.

Overall, the most important thing about organization is to set up a well thought out environment and build around it. Organization is one the key components of being able to have all of the needed information at your fingertips and with the business world changing every day, becoming more and more instantaneous and demanding, you’ve got to be ready.

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