Tips for an Organized Server Room

Posted by Gaw Technology on 8/1/2013

Your server room is the heart of your company. It holds all the important components that keep your business going in one place, and the thought of damage occurring there may make you break out in a sweat. Keeping this room organized is essential to prevent outage, and to get the maximum financial value.

Organizing your server room ensures the safety and security of your equipment, prolongs their lifespan, and allows you to find and fix any issues quickly and confidently.


Label Everything

The first step is to label absolutely everything you keep in that room, from the cables, to the discs, to the monitors. 

Sort through all your software and record and label the title, manufacturer, ISBN, and date purchased somewhere. An Excel document is easily updated and shared. Then, record and label your hardware the same way. You should be able to find something on the list rapidly and with no problems.

Then, label all the cords running from port to port. Devise either a sticker label or a color scheme so you know what goes where. Make sure you can get from one end to the other without tangles or losing your place. Minimizing confusion in the server room can help you address any problems quickly and efficiently.


Customize Server Racks

Metal computer racks are the design center of the entire room, and dictate how everything is set up. They can help decrease the heat your servers produce, along with improving the efficiency of your server housing system.

Poorly laid out computer racks can cause all sorts of problems, such as decreased air flow, improper hardware management that can lead to overloads, trip hazards that cause broken equipment, untraceable cords, and concealed equipment. Installing computer racks and organizing things from the start prevents these issues and leaves you with a tidy, accessible, easy-to-use server room.


In order to maintain a server room that you can be proud of, organization is key. Labeling everything in a consistent manner along with customized computer racks can save the day in case of an issue. Should anything crash or overheat, you can unplug and fix the problem in a timely manner. The installation and upkeep of an organized system is worth the time and effort. You will become the hero of your department, and you won’t have to worry about messy cords, cables, or equipment again.

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