Three Ways to Increase Data Center Floor Space

Posted by Gaw Technology on 5/21/2015 to Data Center Topics

There isn’t a data center manager anywhere who has complained about having too much floor space. As more demand is put on data centers due to an increase in data production and storage, data center managers must determine what the best course of action is to increase capacity without blowing up a data center’s budget. Unfortunately, building a new data center or expanding on a current one is quite an expensive endeavor. While virtualization, colocation and cloud computing can all decrease necessary hardware, there are a wide variety of things that can be done on the infrastructure level as well to increase floor space and mitigate any operational challenges that come with limited space.

Change the Way You Store Hardware

Wall mount cabinets and wall mount network racks allow data center managers to store equipment when floor space is limited. These storage solutions are also a good way to keep your equipment safe in case of a flood, accident or another risk that could potentially damage your equipment. Gaw Technology has a wide variety of flexible mounting racks and cabinets that are easy to install, incredibly sturdy, and affordably priced to fit most budgets.

Upgrade Your Hardware

Over the last 35 years, computer hardware has shrunk by 30 percent even though it has become much more powerful. Hardware manufacturers have gotten very adept at producing more efficient models that will save data centers floor space. If your hardware hasn’t been updated in a quite a long period of time, you might find that an upgrade could mean more floor space, less accidents, and improved scalability.

Raised Flooring

Raised floors allow for better storage of electrical wiring, network cables, and other services. In addition to increasing the amount of floor space available, raised floors improve cooling capabilities and reduce the chances of an accident occurring.

Data center managers do have options when it comes to creating more floor space in the data center while improving data storage capabilities. By changing how you store hardware to finding more efficient, smaller hardware, data center managers may be able to do more with less, saving money and improving operations.


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