Three Tips For Server Room Placement

Posted by Gaw Technology on 11/15/2013

As your business grows, you may find yourself needed a server room to accommodate your data.  When you aren’t familiar with server equipment and IT maintenance, planning your server room can seem a bit overwhelming.  You’re worried about picking the right location, and agonizing over the best way to layout your room.  You don’t need to be an expert on servers to be able to plan an organized and well thought out server room; you just need to remember to keep a few things in mind.

Avoid exterior walls

The location of your server room can be as important as the equipment you choose to put in it.  Don’t just use whatever room is empty in your office, if it’s possible try to put your servers in a room that doesn’t contain an exterior wall.  The exterior walls of your building can take a beating whenever there is extreme weather.  The sun that’s beating down on it during a heat wave could cause problems with the temperature of your server room, and the heavy rains that are pelting it could cause a buildup of moisture and mold growth.  Exterior walls also usually contain windows, and those windows could a way in for criminals. 

Leave room for expansion

Most people don’t think that space is going to be an issue when they design their server rooms.  After all, most of your important equipment is stored in server rack cabinets that can contain multiple servers.  Space can be a luxury when you’re designing your server room, but you should try to leave a little space open in case you need to add more servers.  You may not need an extra server now, but if your company grows you could find yourself short on server space.  If you need to add more servers in the future you could always move them to a bigger room, but it would be less of a headache if you just leave enough room to add more.

Avoid basements

Your office’s basement may be spacious, but subterranean rooms are never a good place for server rooms.  Your office may not be located in an area that’s associated with extreme weather, but floods have become a lot more common over the past few years.  If your area experiences a flood, or even a problem with water pipes and sewers, all of that water is going to spill into your server room and cause a significant amount of damage.

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