Three Tips For Achieving Physical Security In Your IT Room

Posted by Gaw Technology on 7/2/2013

When you're in charge of a server room there are a lot of things you need to consider.  Along with organizing the room and making sure that you have equipment to monitor your servers, you also have to consider something that some IT workers don't spend much time thinking about: safety.  You servers may be safe from environmental damage, but are they safe from robbers and hackers?   It's important for every server room to have physical security measures in place to ensure that the data they protect is safe.  A wall mount rack for your servers and a locked door can help, but in order to have true physical security the IT room itself needs to be safe.  If you want to ensure that your servers and the information they hold are safe, be sure to follow these security tips.

Set Up An Access System

The only people who need to be in your server room are yourself and the other IT workers that are maintaining the servers with you.  Set up some sort of system so that you can ensure that the only people that enter your server room need to be there.  Some people choose to use keycard system to give employees access to the IT room.  Keycards are easy to use, but they can easily be stolen and used by unauthorized people. 

Some IT managers use a keypad and code for people to gain access to the room.  Instead of having one code for every employee to use, give each individual employee their own number they can use for access.  That way you'll be able to keep track of which employee is in the room by keeping track of the code logins, and you'll be able to easily deactivate an employee's code if they find employment elsewhere. 

Set Up Surveillance

Your access system will be able to keep out any unauthorized employees, but you'll also need measures in place to make sure that the employees in the room are working like they're supposed to.  A video camera that's placed in a location that's difficult to access (or even find) can capture everything your employees do in the room.  You can find surveillance cameras that monitor the rooms continuously, or you find cameras that use motion detection technology that'll only record when someone is moving in the room.  Some can even be set to alert you if there is someone in the server room during non-work hours.

Protect Your Backed Up Data

Backing up data is crucial for every IT worker, and it's important to keep all of your company's backed up data protected.  Some people make the mistake of making their back up data too accessible to other employees.  Others even keep the backups next to the server in the server room. Copies of backup data should be locked in a drawer or safe at the very least. If it's possible to do so, keep the backup data in a secure location that's off site to ensure that 's safe from others.

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