Three Simple Tips For Keeping Your Server Room Cables And Wires Organized

Posted by Gaw Technology on 9/4/2013

If there’s one thing every server room has an abundance of, it’s wires.  Every IT worker knows about the perils of having so many wires in one concentrated area.  Balls of tangled wires and crisscrossing intersections of cables are a common site in a lot of server rooms, but clumps of wires can do more than make your server room look cluttered.  

Tangled and mixed up wires can block access to important equipment, and can pose a tripping hazard to people who walk through the room.  Unorganized and lose wires also tend to be prone to damage like fraying and tears.  When you look at the miles of tangled and knotted wires in your server room wire organization may seem like an impossible task, but there are some things you can do to get your wire situation under control.

Use a color coding system

Some server room managers find that color coding their wires makes it easy to identify certain wires for certain maintenance tasks.  Instead of grabbing any wire that’s closest to you, come up with a color coding system that associates a certain wire color with a specific function.  Only use blue wires for your Ethernet cables or only use green cables for your printers.

Use server racks with a cable organization system

Wall mount cabinets and server racks can do more than just house your server equipment.  If you have an abundance of wires in your server room, house your servers in custom made racks and cabinets that has slots in the back for wires.  A few openings in the back of your racks and cabinets can make keeping wires organized simple.

Bundle wires together

Using velcro strips and zip ties to bundle like wires and cables together is one of the simplest (and least expensive) ways to keep your cables and wires organized.   Some people prefer using Velcro strips since they can easily be moved and adjusted with little problems.  Try to avoid using zip ties on fiber since it’s easy to for the ties to kink the wire.

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