There Are More Options for Data Cabinets than You Realize… and That's a Good Thing

Posted by Gaw Technology on 8/1/2014 to Rack Knowledge

The world of data cabinets can seem dizzying; there are so many options that many business owners feel overwhelmed. However, when you look at the types of data cabinets and accessories that are offered, you start to see a clear purpose for each one. That makes it easy to gauge which cabinets re the best solution for your own space.

Here's our quick guide to some of the major data cabinet options and what they're used for:

  • Seismic Rated Cabinets – What happens if a disaster strikes your business? For many operations located on the west coast of the U.S. or in other parts of the world, earthquakes present a routine threat to valuable IT equipment. That's when seismic data cabinets (example pictured right) can make a crucial difference, keeping your machines protected during quakes and even allowing business to run without interruption during smaller tremors.
  • Broadcasting Cabinets – Not all equipment has the same requirements for space, accessibility, and cable areas. If you have broadcasting equipment that includes traditional broadcast, video on-demand or high-definition equipment, your desired configuration may be very different than those looking at traditional servers or computers. Broadcasting data cabinets are the perfect solution, coming in three sizes to match new developments in the broadcasting world and featuring different cable and tray configurations for ease of use.
  • Hinged Options – Not everyone has the space for a corridor behind an equipment bank – but when it comes time for maintenance or changing out machines, it can be a pain to haul an entire data cabinet out from the wall. That's where hinged data cabinets shine, allowing machines to swing out for front-and-back access without the necessity of disconnecting the cables.
  • Cable Management – Data cabinets aren't just for holding your machines, they're also for managing your space. Numerous cables and connections coming out of dozens of servers can cause chaos and even fire hazards. That's why cable management options like trays, clips, and Velcro and D-rings exist as add-ons or built-in features of data cabinets. These options make it easy to organize your space for easier access and lower risks.

What is your company looking for in specialized data cabinets?

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