The Off Site Debate: Three Reasons Why You May Want To Switch To An Off Site Server Facility

Posted by Gaw Technology on 10/7/2013

There comes a time in every manager’s career where they have to decide on the best way to handle their data storage and servers.  Many small businesses choose to have server rooms on site because it helps them save money, and also allows them to keep some of their most important equipment and information close by.  As businesses grow their needs start to change, and workers scramble to install more servers and server cabinets to handle company data. 

As the number of servers increases and the space in server rooms decrease, some managers are faced with the decision to either expand their server rooms, or to consider using off-site data storage facilities.  The decision to switch to using off-site data storage centers shouldn’t be taken lightly, but there are a few reasons why you may want to consider going down the off-site route. 

You feel like you don’t have enough time to dedicate to your server room

You know that your server room could benefit from some hardware updates, but every time you think you have enough time to do it something else comes up.  The beauty of having your servers offsite means that someone in the storage facility can take care of maintaining your equipment.  If you find the right facility, you won’t have to worry about making time to do routine maintenance, making updates, or fixing servers.

You want to ensure your servers are being closely monitored

You have excellent IT workers, but they can’t be in the office 24 hours a day.  You feel like the security measures you already have implemented in your server room are okay, but could be much better if you had more money to devote towards it.  Offsite data storage centers have excellent security measures in place, and they have employees that are devoted to keeping your equipment safe. 

You need to save money

Some of you reading this may think that it’s crazy to think that using off-site data center storage facilities will save you money, but if you’re struggling with juggling company money it could be the best financial decision you make this year.  Think about all of the money you need to spend so that you can keepyour servers up and running.  You need to pay for electricity, pay for repairs, and pay full-time or part-time employees to maintain your servers.  Do a little math and see how much money you spend on your server room, and compare that to how much you’d pay to use an off-site facility.  You’ll be surprised at how much money you could save by paying another company to handle your servers and data.

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