The Importance of Customization

Posted by Gaw Technology on 7/2/2013

Working in the IT field requires a lot of skill, planning, and expertise with your equipment.  In the IT world your equipment is everything, and everything down to your servers and your network rack all need to be compatible with one another in order for you to properly do your job.   

When some people look for server storage solutions like racks and cabinets they look for equipment that's simple and could easily be used to store any kind of server.  That buying strategy may seem smart, but in reality it's severely limiting the effectiveness of your equipment.  Customized storage solutions provide an array of benefits, and there are good reasons why you should consider customizing the next server rack or cabinet you purchase.

Have Efficient Storage

You want your server room and servers to be as efficient as possible.  When you combine different elements and components that your network needs into customized solutions you can satisfy all of your data center needs.  With customized racks you could meet all of your rack, power, cooling, management, and servicing needs.  Power distribution units (PDUs), air removal units, water tight housing, sound proof enclosures, and more features can help met your server's diverse needs.

Meet Unique Needs

When you're looking for server racks and cabinets you aren't look for equipment that can fit any regular server, you're looking for specific equipment to fit your unique servers.  When you customize your racks and cabinets you get the effectiveness and usability to works best for your needs.  Your server enclosures should be designed to fit your equipment, and floor plan.  Whether you need seismic racks and heavy-duty equipment or commercial enclosures, customization can make your equipment more efficient and reliable.

Have Long Lasting Equipment

Custom made server racks and cabinets don't just fit your server needs, they'll also withstand the test of time.  When you're getting high-quality customized equipment made, they're going to be built to last.  The manufacturer is dedicating themselves to designing equipment that meets your exact specifications.  Their diligence and determination can mean the difference between having equipment that lasts for one year or equipment that last for 10 years.

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