Tech Emergency 101: Tips For Talking To Tech Support

Posted by Gaw Technology on 10/10/2013

It’s every manager’s nightmare to have server problems when their usual IT team is out or too busy working on something else.  You were able to help pick out server rack cabinets and provide a little input on the server models you wanted, but that’s about as far as your technical expertise goes.  Sometimes server problems can occur during the worst time possible, and when the inevitable happens many managers have to resort to talking calling tech support.  When you aren’t familiar with tech lingo or computer problems calling tech support can be a long and frustrating task, but if you follow these tips you’ll be able to hold down the fort until your usual IT team comes to fix the problem. 

Know your server information

If you want to get help from tech support you need to give them as much information about your equipment and problems as possible.  Before you get on the phone, make sure you have the make and model number(s) of the server(s) you’re having trouble with.  If you have a warranty on the equipment, make sure you have your warranty information with you before you make the call.  Remember, the more information about your equipment you give the person over the phone, the better off you’ll be.

Be as descriptive as possible

When you’re talking to tech support, replying to a question with an “I don’t know it just started acting funny” answer almost guarantees that you won’t get the help you need over the phone.  When you contact tech support, tell them everything you know about the problem.  Any and all information, even information that doesn’t seem important, can help them better diagnose your problem.  If you got an error message, write down the exact message you received and mention it at the beginning of the call.  If you’ve already started troubleshooting the problem, tell them exactly what you did to try to fix the problem.

Be honest

Did some liquid spill on your server equipment before the problems occurred? Did you install a questionable software update a few hours before your servers stopped functioning?  You’d be surprised by how many people call tech support for help, but refuse to tell them what went wrong because they’re worried about losing their warranty, or are embarrassed about what happened.  When you’re talking to tech support be honest about what you think may have caused the current problems that you’re having.  If you do you’ll be able to save both you and the tech support worker on the other line a lot of time.

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