Successfully Moving a Server Room

Posted by Gaw Technology on 8/2/2013

Whether you are relocating to another building, moving your servers to another room, or simply looking to organize, a server room takes a lot of attention. The physical aspect, the planning, and the setup need to be executed well, and executed correctly, the first time.

Moving your hardware can be streamlined and made easier. To reduce any kind of roadblocks, follow these tips to ensure simple relocation:


Prioritize Hardware

The first step in relocation is knowing exactly what you are moving, and how many there are. Having a list of the equipment and machines can help you organize the move better, as well as organize the equipment you have. You should note redundant hardware, and get rid of things that need replacing. This is your chance to improve your sever room.

Decide what you are bringing, and what you aren’t. Classifying everything beforehand is a great strategy to make relocation easier.


Blueprint the New Room

Again, planning ahead is your best game plan. Know what is going where, so you can get everything in its place faster. Having a blueprint, or at least a sketch, of the future server room can help you visualize the setup, and perhaps plan a better configuration.

Knowing where everything will go can also help with organization. You can move or ship things in cohesive groups. Cables go with their correct servers, and you can group similar items together. This keeps things neater and easier to move.


Change It Up

Relocation is a chance to get things right, and to change things up if you need to. This can mean rearranging things to work more efficiently than they did before, or it can mean replacing older equipment to make things run better.

You can re-rack your servers if you need to, and purchase new network racks to neaten everything up. You can order customized racks that better fit both the new space and your equipment, and by doing so make everything neater and more accessible. They often come with cooling components, to protect your hardware.



Execute the relocation, and set up the new space. Label absolutely everything, from cables to servers to discs. Having your employees and coworkers help set up the room can familiarize them with it as well, making them as knowledgeable as you are. Make this room better than the last, and be confident that everything is where it needs to be.

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