Starting a Server Room Set-up the Smart Way

Posted by Gaw Technology on 2/28/2014

Whether you’ve started a new business, moved into an entirely new building, or simply want to make your server room more efficient, there are several methods of achieving your goal. Although size and shape of the room are important, many businesses make the mistake of overlooking several other factors that can assist in maintaining a more effective and safe server room. If you are interested in learning about the organizational opportunities you may have missed when arranging your offices, the following tips have been designed to reveal these secrets.  

Climate Control
It might not seem obvious at first, but air conditioning is one of the most important features for your server room. In fact, several large businesses have million dollar climate control systems just for their servers. If you can’t afford to supply an air conditioner specifically for this room, you may have to be stricter about the HVAC system you rely on in your office. Insure that the climate control system cannot be interfered with arbitrarily, that it is connected to an emergency power line, and doesn’t falter in performance during warmer weather. Additionally, thermal insulations is another potential option to keep in mind.

Raised Flooring
If your data center is going to be a decent size, this is an absolute must. Not only will it help with potential climate control options, but it will also reduce the amount of tangling and knotting of cables. There are several types of computer cabinets that are designed to fit into a raised floor server room and manage wire distribution effectively. If you can’t depend on a raised floor, however, it might be in your best interest to look into overhead cable management solutions.

Clear the Floor

If at all possible, insure that nothing electrical is within a foot or two of the ground. With this done, you will make several procedures much easier. First of all, cleaning becomes infinitely simpler without needing to worry about moving the heavy racks. Also, it is a great deal easier to notice loose screws, broken shelving, or other small issues that might have been missed otherwise. Finally, in the event of a flood the chance of your hardware being damaged is reduced. Water can do an untold amount of destruction to your servers, but avoiding this fate is simple. With all of your important data at risk, there is no reason to forego such a simple solution.

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