Standard PDU's

Power Distribution Units for Data Center Sever Racks
Modular Intelligent PDUs

The ever increasing role of server rooms and data centers in any modern enterprise is coupled with a phenomenal growth in computer power and skyrocketing energy costs. Naturally, this relentless increase in power costs exerts continuous pressure on IT managers to run highly energy-efficient operations.

In this quest for energy efficiency in the data center, PDUs have evolved as a most powerful ally. A PDU's primary role is measuring and controlling the distribution of power to servers, storage units, network switches and other equipment in each rack. Some, intelligent PDUs not only support local and remote electric current monitoring per load bank or phase, but also per outlet. 

Yet, the capabilities of PDUs go far beyond power monitoring. PDUs can also provide a wealth of critical environmental data such as temperature and humidity information. Furthermore, they have the capability to help IT staff easily access every single bit of the recorded data via a Web or CLI interface. Remote server room monitoring reduces guesswork about how to improve energy efficiency. Not only can you see current usage in real-time, you can also review data and event logs to monitor trends and improve planning. 

To offer an unparalleled range of modular, flexible, and customizable Power Distribution Units, we have teamed up with BayTech, an undisputed leader in the field. A partial listing of the cost-saving products and solutions we provide is outlined below. 

Modular Rack Power, PDU’s:

- MMP - Breaker/circuit  metering and Outlet metering w/ Control 
- MRP - Breaker/circuit metering with Outlet control: User friendly interface for controlling power to receptacles, monitoring Current, Voltage, Watts, Temperature, Humidity, and KW Hour Meter.
- MSP - Breaker/circuit metering only: Integrated Temperature/Humidity ports.
- Automatic Transfer Switches, ATS’s: Break-Before-Make Design, Out of phase switching, and Auto source sensing
- DS Controllers: Allowing Cost per IP address reduction

Each and every one of these products represents a return on investment that is exponential to the amount paid. Every on-site trip eliminated is dollars saved.  

We are looking forward to helping you select the PDUs that best fit your needs and budget.