Sound Insulation: Multi-Function Cabinets That (Quietly) Do It All

Posted by Gaw Technology on 3/7/2013
Here’s a riddle for you: If a server in a cabinet is working but no one can hear it working, does it make a sound?

The answer is yes -- but since it’s housed in a noise-insulated cabinet, you can’t hear it!

Your network equipment is humming along but that doesn’t mean you have to hear it literally humming along. Between servers, blowing fans and rickety racks that cause quite a racket, a loud data center is frustratingly distracting.

Because of the noise generated by your hard-working servers, much of your office becomes uninhabitable, which leads to wasted space and decreased productivity.

Silence is golden.

If a quiet data center and expanded office space functionality are what you’re after, you’re in luck.

There are many multi-function, custom cabinets that not only safely house your network equipment, but also improve your data center with sound insulation and noise protection.

Solve IT noise and thermal issues with multi-function cabinets.

Businesses keep servers on site to provide staff with the IT services they need to do their jobs and to keep data secure.

But if noisy servers disturb employees during the course of their daily duties, in-house server hosting becomes a distraction and, quite frankly, a “space hog.” If it is simply not possible to keep employees and noisy IT equipment separated, sound insulation is your best bet.

Always conscious of the need to reduce server room noise, businesses now utilize custom cabinets to improve the office environment by reducing noise and distractions from bustling in-house servers.

Sound-proof data cabinets and server racks are the ideal way to make the most of office space. But not all offices have accessibility to a dedicated server room. If you’re short on space, consider a large sound-proof data cabinet that houses a large number of network hardware without disturbing your workforce.  

The noise protection offered by these custom cabinets will be appreciated by all within earshot for the following reasons:

Sound-proof data cabinets and server racks can reduce noise output by up to 90%!

The fans used to keep servers cool inevitably create noise, but sound insulation in today’s cabinets and server racks removes that overly audible factor. This has the added benefit of providing you with a wider variety of floor space options because servers and network equipment no longer have to be significantly separated from employees.

In other words, companies can purchase sound-proof cabinets that enable people to work undisturbed anywhere in the office.

Get more out of your employees. 

A recent study showed that employees prefer working remotely due to an inability to concentrate on their work in the office. Servers and other network hardware do make noise and this has a real potential to disrupt concentration, productivity and comfort during the workday.

Quality cabinets with sound insulation, like the ones offered by Gaw Technology, means the hardware inside can make as much noise as it needs to without becoming a distraction to the people outside.

Gaw Technology’s consultants are here to help you find the best multi-function, custom cabinets for your sound insulation needs. Click the button below and we’ll guide you every step of the way to a quiet, more productive data center.

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