Server Rooms For Beginners: Four Tips For Building Your Server Room

Posted by Gaw Technology on 10/28/2013
Sever room design and maintenance are important for any business that needs somewhere to store and secure their data, but large businesses and corporations can usually afford to pay a different company to care for all of their server and data storage needs.  When you’re a small business owner, paying to have your data stored and maintained in an off-site facility can be a little out of your budget.  Luckily for you, with the right tools and skilled people you can have your data safe and secure in a room inside of your office building.  If you’re a small business owner that’s thinking of maintaining a sever room on-site, make sure you follow these tips.

Utilize wall-mounted equipment

If you’re new to the world of data storage and server rooms, you’re going to quickly learn that you’re going to want to have as much space as possible in your server room.  Space doesn’t just make it easier to move around the room and make repairs; it’ll also help keep your equipment from overheating.  Your servers are going to need space for air circulation, and the protection against dust and unwanted tampering.  A wall mounted rack or cabinet will protect your servers and keep floor space open.

Think about sound

Many people who aren’t familiar with servers and server rooms may be surprised to learn how loud server rooms can get.  Having multiple servers and cooling fans running at the same time can cause a lot of noise, and if you don’t plan your room carefully the noise could disturb your other workers.  Try to keep your server rooms isolated from high traffic areas of your office to avoid disturbing others, and make sure that it’s properly insulated to reduce noise.  Also try to look for server racks and cabinets with sound dampening properties for extra noise protection.

Use labels

If there’s something that needs maintenance in your server room, you’re not going to want to spend time sorting through wires and wondering which server you need to service.  If you want to make server room maintenance and management simple, you should label each machine and wire port so that you know exactly what each wire and server is for.

Keep it cool

If you want to protect your servers from damage, proper cooling for your server room is crucial.  Overheating can cause significant damage to your electronic equipment, but protecting servers from overheating can be a challenge since running servers can generate a lot of heat.  Use server racks and cabinets with built in cooling fans to keep your equipment running at a good temperature.  You may also want to consider dedicating an AC unit to your server room for extra cooling power.

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