Server Room Maintenance 101: Three Things Every IT Worker Should Be Doing

Posted by Gaw Technology on 10/30/2013

Running a server room requires a lot of time and money, but overall it requires maintenance the most.  When most people think of maintenance they think about sweeping floors, emptying out trash, and doing some dusting.  Some server room maintenance duties may involve you dusting off your computer cabinets, but the majority of your maintenance tasks will require you to make sure that your equipment is running well.  Every server room manager should have a list of essential maintenance tasks that need to be done, and you should make sure that these tasks are some of your top priorities.

Review user accounts

A lot can happen at a company over the span of a few months, that’s why it’s good for IT managers to get into the habit of reviewing user accounts.  Clearing out old user accounts serve two main purposes, one of which is security.  Old user accounts from former employees and clients pose a significant security risk, and making sure that you delete old accounts ensures that only authorized personnel have access to certain systems and data.  Reviewing and deleting old user account could also save your company some legal troubles.  If your service contract specifies that your company can no longer retain client data after your working relationship has ended, having their old account information in the company system could cause significant legal problems. 

Verify that your system is backing up

One of the biggest mistakes a server room worker can make is to assume that their back up system is working without checking it.  Making sure that your systems are backing up doesn’t just including checking the date of the last big data save.  Make sure that your files are backing up to the proper location, and ensure that your backups are only saving the most critical data on your systems.  If you have time, you may want to run some test recoveries to ensure that everything is working properly.

Review logs for hardware errors

It isn’t uncommon for server room workers to spend more time focusing on software than hardware, and if you want a well maintained server room functioning hardware is important.  The easiest way to see if your hardware is running correctly is to check your logs for evidence of any past problems.  Your hardware equipment may seem like its running fine now, but the logs your system keeps can let you know about any problems that occurred in the past.  Any warnings or problems from the past can be troublesome, but make sure to look for disk read errors and overheating notices.  Overheating and reading errors can be a sign that you may need to fix or replace equipment.

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