Server Racks & Datacenters Efficient Cooling Tecniques

Posted by Gaw Technology on 4/18/2013

We've have already discussed the importance of hot and cold aisles to keep your valuable server equipment cool and thus at optimum performance levels. Now it's time to delve a bit deeper and consider a series of additional steps in minimizing cooling costs for your server room or data center. 

Here are some of the options:

  • Consider upgrading your equipment and infrastructure.  In the same way that newer cars need less fuel to generate the same amount of power as older models, updated equipment ensures that data centers require less energy without sacrificing computational power. Less energy means less heat generated, which means less cooling needed.
  • Install temperature-monitoring equipment to increase efficiencies and lower energy costs. Items like sensor-based fans that change their speeds based on need help data centers use far less energy.
  • Update your server room's configuration to yield significant cost savings. Too often, data centers have more space than they really need. By placing servers closer together and walling off the remaining space for other uses, data center managers optimize the size of the area they need to keep cool.
  • Find the balance between efficiency and energy consumption. Data centers often spend as much energy on cooling its servers as it takes to run them! Look into custom cabinets and enclosures that have built-in energy-efficient cooling systems.
  • Explore natural air-cooling techniques and systems, which have become an increasingly attractive option for data centers. Just like it sounds, these systems draw natural air in from outside, and when the outside temperature is low enough, your data center doesn’t require any additional cooling! On warmer days or when extra cooling is needed, they’re easily supplemented with additional cooling methods.

Note: Despite their advantages, natural air-cooling techniques and systems aren’t suitable for all geographical areas. Obviously, data center managers in hot and humid locations need to consider other options..

A data center cooling specialist and efficient server rack cooling products can make your energy saving task a lot easier. A great available option is to contact Gaw Technology, a company with a renowned expertise in server rack and data center cooling technology.  

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