Server Rack 101: Know Your Measurements And Power Strips

Posted by Gaw Technology on 2/14/2013
Upgrading the enclosures that protect your technical equipment is an excellent idea, but it’s not the easiest purchase to make. There are a few specifics you have to get straight before deciding which server racks, cabinets and server rack accessories are right for you. 

Do You Know Your Dimensions? 

Internal rack cabinet enclosure dimensions are significant. If additional rack mounted equipment and server rack accessories are needed -- such as environmental monitoring, battery backup and/or remote power management -- you may require extra front and rear cabinet space. This will ensure these extra accessories can be mounted comfortably, both vertically and horizontally.

The following three dimensions are the most important to consider when assessing the size and amount of equipment you can house in the enclosure.

  • Horizontal Panel Opening (HPO): the horizontal dimension of the opening in the server rack
  • Vertical Panel Opening (VPO): the vertical dimension of the opening of the server rack
  • Useable Depth: the dimension from farthest forward the front-mounting rails can be to the farthest back the mounting rails can be to the back of the server rack

You may request additional space to be furnished before manufacturing to allow for side, rear and front-mounted equipment. This supplemental compartment space is always a good idea because it provides room for ventilation systems, power cords and cable management mechanisms. 

Do You Know Your Power Options?

Power distribution units (PDUs) disperse power evenly to servers over the entire power strip. Rack mount power strips, made specifically for server racks, mount vertically or behind mounting posts in the back of a cabinet.

Power strips can be standard or intelligent.

  • Standard power strips have fuse replacement indicators and output displays, but they must be managed on-site and in person.
  • Intelligent power strips give you remote power control so you can perform cold reboots and troubleshoot problems off-site, provided you have internet access. This remote control also allows you to leverage the most advanced power distribution technologies, e.g. 3-Phase power, which uses fewer circuits, offers a more balanced power load, reduces the number of PDUs needed and increases strength of electric current (amperage) in the server rack.

Don’t risk making a mistake in measurement or power requirements! Accuracy is key when maintaining an efficient data center.

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