Seismic Racks Provide Ease of Mind No Matter the Location

Posted by Gaw Technology on 1/3/2014

Every day, literally millions of users rely on servers that are located in areas that are plagued with seismic activity. When taking into consideration that such natural disasters can cause property damage to data centers, the threat level of earthquakes and related events increases exponentially. For this reason, the industry leaders have recently begun to rely on seismic server racks, which largely consist of reinforced materials and are engineered to remain stable in any environment.


Why use a potentially larger and heavier storage system instead of traditional methods, though? This new method of server housing completely neutralizes the threat of damage due to falling or shaking, making it possible to establish data centers in a greater part of the world. Instead of depending on locations that receive absolutely zero seismic action, now the industry can expand to areas that receive the occasional quake. Likewise, seismic racks offer protection against damage that may occur during the collapse of a building. Instead of being one of the first pieces to fall over, these industrial strength housing units will remain sturdy and protect your valuable information.

If other internet based companies haven't incorporated this protective means of data storage into their plan already, they might want to start. Aside from flexibility and optimized space, it is the most efficient option for preventing damage from natural disasters. Since the data is integral for business, the added layer of defense will not go to waste. A little reinforcement at a facility prone to quakes can prevent a fortune of loss and countless hours from being wasted. Properly designed seismic racks can also free up physical space while maintaining access to the data at any time.

Are you relying on seismic racks in your server room? If so, do you live in a location that experiences earthquakes frequently, or do you simply appreciate the ease of mind provided by reinforced shelving?

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