Security In the Modern Server Room

Posted by Gaw Technology on 10/4/2013

You wear many different hats when you’re in a charge of a server room.  You may start the day off wearing your IT hat, casually don your maintenance hat when you’re wiping dust off of data cabinets and servers, and end the day with your electrician’s hat when you’re thinking of a new wiring system.  A server room manager has a variety of responsibilities, but there’s one aspect of running a server room that some people forget about: making sure the room and its contents are secure.

Security for your server room shouldn’t be handled by whoever is handling security for the entire building; special measures should be taken to ensure that your server room is protected.  Some IT managers choose to not implement special security measures in their server rooms because they don’t  think that their room is a danger of being robbed.  Your servers may not be loaded with company secrets that competitors would love to use, but your electronic equipment and cables could be a big score for thieves that know how to sell servers and computer equipment.  Security for your server room should be one of your top priorities, and there are a variety of things you can do to keep your room and equipment secure.

Focus on access control

Access control is the simplest way for you to improve the security of your server room.  If you can have strict control over who can and cannot enter your server room, you’ll make it more difficult for unauthorized personnel to enter the room.  Some companies prefer to use a key card system that requires people to swipe a card if they want to enter the room, others use keypad passwords and biometrics for restricted access.  There are a variety of ways you can restrict access to your server room, and many choose to use a combination of methods for heightened security.

Remember to update your credentials

According to the 2013 Verizon Data Breach Report, stolen credentials were used in four out of every five security breaches the company researched.  If you want to keep someone from using your own security methods against you, you need to update your security systems, especially after an employee leaves the company.  If you use a card swipe system, take away access cards when they’re no longer being used.  If you use a password protected security system, periodically update the password and take away access from old employees.

Secure your equipment

All of the access control features you implement won’t do you any good if you neglect to physically secure your IT equipment.  Utilize rack and cabinet locks to defend against unauthorized equipment access.  Take the cabinet and rack security measures a step further.  Find a way to bolt standing racks and cabinets to the floor to make it even more difficult for people to physically access important equipment.

Set up surveillance

It’s highly unlikely that every single security measure you implement will fail, but if someone manages to physically breach your server room, you’re going to want all of the information you can get to catch the thief.  A few well-placed security cameras can keep an eye on your server room and equipment 24 hours a day.  Some even choose to disguise security cameras as different objects so criminals won’t be able to obscure the camera’s view or cause damage to it.

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