Replacing Coal Power Plants with Green Powered Data Centers

Posted by Gaw Technology on 7/1/2015 to Data Center Topics

Although the Environmental Protection Agency took a hit this week when the Supreme Court blocked the EPA's Clean Air Act, that doesn't mean there haven't been significant contributions to environmentalism. It's just coming from the private sector. One interesting change that has taken place is Google's initiative to redevelop old coal power plants that have been closed into new renewable energy-powered data centers.


The reason why Google is doing this is two-fold. First, it needs more data centers to house its expanding data requirements and power pertinent user services. These data centers require a large amount of energy, so the coal power plant redevelopment projects allow the data centers to run with as little impact to the environment as possible. The second reason is that it taps into a worker pool that may have experience with energy through prior jobs at the former coal plant.


We have talked a lot in the past about how data centers are becoming greener. Data center managers are not only looking at their water use and how they cool their plaints; they are looking at low-emission materials, waste recycling policies, and better hardware efficiency to ensure that data centers are using as little energy as possible. The stakes for green initiatives are high. If things aren't done to change the trajectory, data centers will consume as much as 140 billion-kilowatt hours by 2020.  


Gaw Technology supports data centers' efforts to achieve energy efficiency though industry-standard computer racks and airflow plemums and air containment curtains to optimize server cabinet cooling. Our airflow plenum baffle systems meet all of the requirements for the GR-63 Issue-4 standard to minimize waste. In addition to racks and air containment products, Gaw Technology supplies cable ladder racks, server rack accessories and more to support any data center layout and requirements.


As legislation stalls on cleaner air, it might be up to the private sector to come up with new ideas and innovations to protect the environment while also protecting business interests. Since data center have become a pertinent part of today and tomorrow's economy, look for more green initiatives that focus on data center energy consumption.

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