Protecting Yourself and Your Data in the Lab

Posted by Gaw Technology on 1/3/2014

One of the first things most people learn about when they get into a field requiring lab work is how to keep themselves safe. Whether you’re a medical student or work in a chemistry laboratory, potential hazards are always present. While being aware of dangers in the lab might seem like preparation enough, there truly is no such thing as being “too safe”. Likewise, no amount of acting safely can discount the need for the proper safety equipment. If a member of your team refuses to protect themselves or invest in the proper furniture or equipment, they are doing more than putting their own wellbeing at risk – they are also diminishing the productivity of the entire group. Not everyone is going to be equally educated in lab safety, but the following information can be understood and helpful to anyone.

It is important to remember that your body is more fragile than you would initially think. Thousands of laboratory accidents are reported annually, some of which involving severe bodily harm. It’s for this reason that trained professionals work tirelessly to create and test the best safety gear. Safety Goggles, for example, should be located in every lab you find yourself in. The plastic, wide frame design is perfectly suited for keeping hazardous materials from entering your eyes, while still providing the ability to see. Safety goggles should be worn whenever you’re handling liquid, vapors, smoke, or materials that may produce sparks.

The right furniture is also important when working in a laboratory. Trying to cut costs by relying on cheap and flimsy shelving might result in your equipment falling and breaking. Nowhere is this more important than in your data room. Computers and other technology can be very fragile, and placing them in a poorly made cabinet is tantamount to asking for trouble. Investing in quality server rack cabinets should be a top priority, as finding the right set up for your needs can be quick and easy. Don’t put your safety – or the safety of your data – on the line by relying on low quality furniture.

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