Protect Your Data Center from Earthquakes with GR-63 Core NEBS-Certified Seismic Computer Racks

Posted by Gaw Technology on 5/19/2015 to Data Center Topics

Two months ago, the Santa Clara County area was hit by two separate earthquakes an hour apart from one another. The first was 2.7 and the second was 2.9. Of course, this wasn't exactly new to Santa Clara residents as they have been conditioned to seismic activity. In fact, Santa Clara is known for two things: the first is earthquakes and the second is Silicon Valley. Unfortunately, the two don't exactly go hand-in-hand.

An earthquake can wreak havoc on hardware in a data center or server room, which is why it is crucial to have computer racks and enclosures that comply with industry standards that address earthquakes. In general, there are two standards you'll read about when it comes to seismic rated computer racks: Telcordia Technologies GR-63-CORE Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS) requirements and the International Building Code (IBC). More often than not, the former will used for certification but both address earthquake protection.

In order to achieve GR-63-CORE NEBS certification, a manufacturer must submit an application to a third-party certifier. This third-party will test the computer rack loaded at full capacity using a shaker table to simulate an earthquake. It can be tested for different zones to determine the level of earthquake it can withstand. Zone 4 is the most intense level and reserved for areas where there is heavy seismic activity. Additionally, Zone 4 is the most stringent certification process.

If your data center is in need of earthquake protection to stay running, no matter the circumstances, Gaw Technology seismic computer racks are Zone 4-certified for the highest level of protection. They can handle a 2,000 lb. load and are made of heavy-duty steel for extreme durability.  Customers have the option of closed-sized and open frame models depending on their facility's needs. Finally, our seismic computer racks are made in-house for added quality assurance. Visit to learn more about these and other data center hardware and services. 

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