Preparing a Server Room on a Budget

Posted by Gaw Technology on 3/3/2014

Are you the owner or IT technician of a small business looking to set up a new server room? While the prospect of laying out your technical epicenter might seem like an exciting prospect, what do you do if your business has to follow a tight budget? While you may have had dreams of filling your data center to the ceiling with expensive machines and the latest furniture, it is often the case that our expenses temper our goals. It is still possible, however, to set up an efficient server room without spending a ton of money. The following suggestions are intended to help you do just that.

Make it a Single

Instead of trying to purchase a different server for everything you need to do, see if you can make a single server do several things. If your business is small enough, you can opt out of purchasing a file server and relegate those duties to an external hard drive. Integrating a 500 GB HDD alone would hardly cost a thing, and larger capacities are always available.

Consider your Location
It might not come to mind naturally, but taking into account where you are stationed is extremely important when building up your server room. Are you working in a location that receives a great deal of precipitation? If so, you may want to look into raising your server racks higher off of the ground in case of flooding. Are you located in an area that suffers from tremors or earthquakes? If you do, purchasing seismic racks could save you a lot of heartache. By investing in the right furniture, you will reduce your need for spending money on repairs or replacements.

Plan First, Buy Second

The most natural thing to do when you begin shopping or your server room is to buy what you think you will need. However, if you end up only requiring half the amount of equipment or hard drive capacity, you’ve wasted a good portion of your budget on nothing. While it is true that you should be ready for your server room to grow, growth can often times be a slow or gradual process. Start off by figuring out exactly what you’ll need to begin and procuring only that. If you find that you need more equipment as time goes by, purchase it along the way. Remember, it’s always harder to get rid of tech that you don’t need than it is to get newer tech when you need it.

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