Increase Energy Efficiency with Cloud Computing

Posted by Gaw Technology on 8/26/2013

Are you interested in energy conservation and aiding in the overall decrease in the carbon footprint of your company? Would you be interested in finding a way to make your computer systems run faster or more efficiently? A recent study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, supported almost entirely by the juggernaut Google, has discovered something that may be of great help! Moving frequent software programs used by over eighty million workers in the United States to an “in the cloud” based system could save enough power to run a larger city for nearly a year. The report states that relocating the three most common business applications, specifically, customer relationship management software and productivity software, and email, from local terminals to consolidated cloud services will reduce IT energy requirements by over eighty percent!

Even though these numbers are yet to be exact, the potential that resides within cloud-based software will quite possibly be noteworthy on a global scale given the extreme differences between the how much energy is being consumed by local data centers when compared to those using the cloud. A constant procedure known as “dematerialization”, a reduction in need for tangible products thanks to electronic services, is also contributing to increased energy efficiency. For example, buying digital copies of your favorite music or movies reduces the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions related to producing CDs or DVDs to businesses by between forty and eighty percent. Other forms of media, most notorious of which being the newspaper, are also undergoing substantial changes due to these factors.

Instead of relying on your personal PC to do grunt level computer, allow the many server farms pull the weight through cloud technology. Put your faith in the powerful machines stationed together to help protect the planet without disturbing your work. Even better, invest in your own server housing computer cabinets and become a local assistant for companies and the environment alike! It’s easy, satisfying, and possible right now!

Have you ever run a server farm before? If so, what benefits have you seen other companies receiving from your industry?

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