Improving Employee Productivity in the Data Center through Furniture

Posted by Gaw Technology on 7/6/2015 to Data Center Topics

Are your employees as productive as they can be? If not, you might want to look at the desks and other office furniture. A feature from Inc. Magazine last year took a look at how office furniture and setup can affect productivity. Office workers not only are turned off by old, boring furniture; it could actually make them lazier. Additionally, desks that do not allow for proper organization or aren't designed with ergonomics in mind can hinder productivity as well.

In the data center, this is no different. Technical IT workers must have proper furniture to get their work done. This means tech benches that allow them to house the proper hardware, documents, and equipment as well as LAN furniture that can accommodate the many monitors, printers, servers that may be required for the space. Gaw Technology supplies a number of different tech benches, LAN furniture and accessories to ensure productivity.

How does Gaw Technology furniture promote productivity? Our tech benches are designed with extra shelving and space to house overhead cabinets and other hardware along with any personal items you might require. In addition, there are filing cabinets for additional storage. These tech benches are elegantly designed for a clean look and feature adjustable legs, foot rest for comfort, backboard, bin rail, and more. Our LAN furniture includes our Performance and Performance One series. Our Performance One Corner LAN station functions as a fully capable workstation, designed for someone to sit down and comfortably work.

 Our data center furniture is highly customizable to meet your organization's needs and is built with the same care and turn-around as all of our server cabinets and other data center equipment. If you are looking to improve productivity in the data center, don't discount the furniture used by IT staff each day.  Contact us today at 1-877-429-7225 to learn more about our furniture offerings and solutions. 

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