How to Set Up a Server Room on a Budget

Posted by Gaw Technology on 2/20/2014

Small businesses sometimes struggle with setting up their server rooms. Money is typically tight in the beginning and it’s necessary to find ways to get a functional server room on the cheap. Before we discuss how to set up your room, it’s important to note the things that you can NOT compromise on. Make sure that you are using a cooling system to keep your server room at the appropriate temperature (the use of a wall mount rack will help with this). You must also choose a reliable server and ensure that the room is secure. Below are tips on how to set your server room up and running on a budget.

  • Pick the perfect location.  When deciding on which room to use, be sure to select one that is centrally located so that cables can easily be run and hidden. You also want to choose a room that is large enough to grow with your company. Although you might be a small operation now, you have the potential to grow overnight and you'll want to make sure that your server room can adapt. Overcrowding in a server room can lead to overheating and the possible destruction of network components -- something you really don't want!
  • Be loyal to a brand.  When you begin purchasing hardware, like routers, switches and hubs, be consistent with the brand. Troubleshooting problems and maintenance is a lot easier when a company uses the same manufacturer for everything. When and if you ever have to contact the actual manufacturer, they’ll be able to assist you more ably because they’ll be familiar with all of the hardware your company uses.
  • Go with one server.  Some companies think they have to purchase a unique server for every application they use. Find ways to use a single server for all your company’s needs to keep costs down.
  • Evaluate before purchase.   Before making any purchase, it’s smart to evaluate what your needs are so you don’t overspend unnecessarily. As a small business, for instance, you will probably only need a small wall mount rack, as opposed to a larger server rack. It will take up much less space and save you money.
Following these tips will help you find the ideal spot for your server, make troubleshooting easier, and prevent your company from spending money on unnecessary things.

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