How to Create a "Green" Server Room

Posted by Gaw Technology on 6/2/2014

Creating your own server room may not seem complicated, but there are certain environmental impacts that should be kept in mind. To design an eco-friendly server room, you must be able to reduce the amount of emissions that are produced as well as the amount of energy consumed. Here are three ways to create a sustainable server room:


  • Space – Whether you are sharing a space with other companies or occupy a building yourself, you need to find a place to store your servers. To remain eco-friendly, it's important to manage the space in your room with server racks and cabinets. You should consider getting an energy audit for your room before installing these racks and other accessories to find out if the room has enough ventilation. You should also ensure there was no prior leakage or structural damage in the room.

  • Climate – When choosing a cooling system for your server room, it's important to have the correct monitoring systems installed. These systems will check the temperature and humidity levels in different parts of the room and can ensure that the system is running efficiently. In between the different racks and cabinets, cold corridors can be created through the use of fans which can be installed inside or outside of the cabinets. They can also be placed on the walls and above the servers so that the climate is kept consistent within the room.
  • Set-Up – Making sure that some servers are set to a lower power mode when not in use is an environmentally friendly approach in keeping a server room. As a business, you should decide if it is mandatory that all servers are running at the same time or if you can combine different processes under a single server. Consider using virtualization or cloud computing to be more sustainable. Virtualization is when different servers are combined into one server which is then broken down into virtual servers. These are all run off of a single power source. Cloud computing, on the other hand, is when virtual servers can be run remotely through outsourced companies that use less energy in your server room.

Whether choosing the right server racks or the best cooling system, try to remember these tips to create a server room that not only serves your purpose, but helps the environment as well! 

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