How to Choose the Right Wall Mount Rack

Posted by Gaw Technology on 7/1/2014 to Data Center Topics

Sometimes a wall mount rack is a more practical choice than a full server rack cabinet. But there are many styles to choose from, so how do you know which wall mount rack is right for you? Here are four things to consider so that you find the right product to serve you:


1.  Is this for a specific piece of equipment? – Ideally, your wall mount rack choice will be based on a specific piece (or set) of equipment, so that the rack is exactly the right size and the type most suited to your needs. Sometimes, however, you may get a rack with the expectation that more equipment will be added in the future, or outfit a space with racks for potential equipment. If it's not possible to know the exact equipment that a rack will be used for, it's better to err on the side of a larger rack, likely open-air so that equipment of many sizes and needs can be added.

2.  Enclosed or open? – Some wall mount racks have an open front, some have a transparent cabinet door that closes over the front, and still others are more like cages that are open on all sides. In general, a closed cabinet will look more professional. Closed sides will hide the view of cords at the back and a closed front door will limit noise from the equipment and keep dust out. However, it's important to think about cooling needs. The more enclosed a wall mount rack is, the more heat it will hold.

3.  Swing gate or fixed – Wall mount racks have a "swing gate" construction. That means that the equipment shelf will swing away from the wall behind it—while still staying bolted safely in place—allowing you to easily access the back. This is a huge step up in terms of accessibility and ease of use. Whenever possible, we recommend a swing gate style equipment rack, but in some cases it isn't necessary. If your shelf only holds a few smaller pieces of equipment, you may be able to pick them up individually from the shelf to access the back.

4.  Location – Location is often overlooked when planning wall mount racks. The ideal location is near the support staff that will work with the equipment, and set at a height that will be easy to manage. Usually, that means at about counter height. Also consider cooling needs when setting up a wall mount rack—even a small amount of equipment can create substantial heat!

What equipment do you use wall mount racks for?

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