How Raised Flooring May Help your Server Room

Posted by Gaw Technology on 8/27/2013

Containing and organizing technological equipment has become much more difficult over the last decade of advancement. The blueprints for server rooms, university computer rooms and informational processing plants that were once acceptable and commonplace swiftly transformed into an obsolete mess. The implementation of larger, more impressive technology could not be avoided, leaving a demand for more space. The older methods of laying out storage rooms failed to meet the rising needs, as the incredible expense of making changes became apparent. Thankfully, the concept of raised access flooring proved to many that there was a much simpler method of keeping a multifunctional and vast floor space that also allowed for increased usability and convenience.

One of the best parts of the implementation of new construction and design was that architects were able to construct around the most important facet of data center design – keeping a low temperature. Original floor plans called for an intricate air conditioning unit that was insufferable to change when the time came to do so. With the advent of raised flooring, however, the need for countless lines of air ducts and complex area cooling systems was entirely removed. A more recently developed system, under-floor cooling, is more efficient thanks to the allowance for fans to run at lower speeds and capability to run on warmer surrounding air. This gives buildings in hotter climates the chance to use warmer air originating from the exterior of the structure as a source of temperature control, reducing the electricity bill by a vast degree.

An elevated floor space also provides for easy access to
server racks and adaptability in a business' technology center. Information tech directors can easily rearrange and add equipment to server racks as devices change or advance without interrupting the electricity or cabling from other equipment. As your company continues to advance in the market and a greater number of your workers require admittance to the network, new computers and other machines can be brought in and present ones may be adjusted to make room for the change. Raised floors also provide increased simplicity when distributing data or power cables.

The initial expense of installing raised flooring in the common data center is very often disconcerting, but the funding will assuredly go toward an investment that will make obvious beneficial returns. Aside from increased safety, raised floors will also create an environment of increased employee comfort, higher levels of control, and ease of access to shelving and racks. With computer and related tech upgrades becoming a greater necessity to a business’s success, companies must strive to find an easier system of embracing change as time progresses. Thinking of what’s best for your employees, servers, and computers is a perfect start.

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