How Computer Rack Server Cabinets Secure Your Setup

Posted by Gaw Technology on 6/16/2014 to Data Center Topics

When dealing with a complex computer setup in your office, computer racks provide a slew of necessary functions for the success of your system. Obviously, a computer rack set up is necessary to achieve an overall organizational flow for your computers, as well as their wiring, drives, and servers. Often, computer racks also elevate integral pieces of your hardware to safer positions in the office and can consolidate the many moving parts of your setup to one specific location.

Using computer racks in conjunction with a server cabinet is the ideal way to not only boost the organization of your network, but also provide an additional level of security, especially in a large office setting. These devices keep servers safely contained and performing the way they should.

From a security standpoint, many people use state-of-the-art software and go to extreme measures to protect the online content of their networks. Many virus protection software companies have made millions off of the fear that, one day, a lot of hard work will be either harmed or completely lost. While many website owners buy into this fear online, most fail to protect their physical hardware in the office.

Something as simple as a computer rack server cabinet can offer real life barriers for your office in the form of locked panels with monitored access. Keeping unwanted or nonessential employees from accessing the network physically is just as important as keeping intruders away online. Furthermore, a cabinet offers the obvious protection from the many different types of accidents that can occur in the office, including spills, tripping over wires, and heat exposure.

When it comes to performance stability, servers work better when they have proper airflow to the many moving parts. If the server's air vents become obstructed in any way, it could cause overheating and consequential negative effects to your system that are often irreversible. Overheating is a typical everyday problem in the office, which can be caused by a variety of circumstances (for instance, when servers are stuffed under a desk or pushed into a corner/against the wall for spatial reasons).

Having a server cabinet with computer racks allows necessary space for these vital pieces of equipment so that the air can flow freely in and out of them. Additionally, server cabinets put everything right where it should be – meaning that cords are not intertwined and in the way, nothing is obstructing access to the equipment, and maintenance can be done to any part of the setup seamlessly. Many cabinets have wheels and even slide-out shelving, thus making days of crawling under your desk to fix your computer's issues a thing of the past. Organization is the key to success in any industry, and providing your business's computer system with a rack based server cabinet is the best way to not only secure your equipment, but keep it running smoothly. 

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