From a SOHO Setup to Large Datacenters, We Supply Server Racks to All

Posted by Gaw Technology on 1/9/2013 to Data Center Topics

Quite often server racks are overlooked as just another piece of hardware or simply regarded as office furniture or shelving.  However, server racks play a key and very specific role in the protection, security and ease of management of any network. Server Racks also save valuable floor space and add a professional appearance to your facility.

Every company, from a small home business to a very large organization, can benefit from vertical storage of equipment, and thus can benefit from utilizing server rack cabinets. Benefits in terms of server management and cooling are derived irrespective of the type of servers the company is using. 

Smaller companies may likely use one or two tower servers wile larger companies may use dozens of rack servers.  Finally, large datacenters, with hundreds even thousands of servers, most likely turn to blade server solutions.

The first step when selecting server racks for your company is to determine what your specific needs are currently and, if possible, in the future.    First, you should consider the equipment that you need to install, how many pieces of equipment will be housed in the server cabinet(s), and how the equipment will be interconnected, cooled, secured and supplied with the necessary power. For many potential buyers, the esthetics of the network setup also play an important roll. 

Last but not least, buying decisions are greatly influenced by budget constraints. Finding the right solutions for your specific business needs at the appropriate price, is a considerable challenge even for seasoned IT professional. Gaw Technology,
a US server rack manufacturer with sterling reputation in the market place, is ideally positioned to help. Gaw Technology caters to the entire spectrum of IT requirements, from home offices and small organizations to large datacenters like AT&T, US Government, Lockheed Martin, Dow Jones, Corning, NBC, etc.  Contact the today for a free consultation with one of their server rack consultants.

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