Five Tips to Keep your Server from Crashing

Posted by Gaw Technology on 7/12/2013

One key way to keep your server and communications equipment from crashing, extend its useful life, and enhance performance is to provide the optimal ambient temperature for the equipment and implicitly for the server racks that house the equipment.

Why Is it Important to Keep Servers Cool?

If servers become overheated, you’ll experience network downtime and significant loss of productivity for all the people dependent on the network.  Moreover, when servers and electronic equipment are constantly exposed to too-high temperatures, they will need to be replaced more often and such hardware expense can negatively affect the bottom line.  

One notorious incident of crashing server happened at Wikipedia. One of their large servers shut down automatically due to overheating.  In order to solve the problem quickly, administrators tried to transfer their traffic to a different cluster of servers. Unfortunately, the failover mechanism did not work and this led to a global DNS resolution failure and a prolong service interruption.

Having your data center kept at a proper temperature will help your business run better, save on hardware costs, and prevent crashes.  Here are a few tips to consider:

1)    Make sure each and every server rack can breathe.

2)    Use low-heat lighting in the server rack room.

3)    Organize your cables for better sever cabinet airflow 

4)    Separate hot air aisle from cold air aisle

5)Allow hot air to escape the room. Use fans and outside air, whenever feasible.

Your servers work for your company, your clients, and your networks. Keeping them from crashing is an important part of your business. With these five tips, you and your company can increase the wellbeing of your servers.

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