Essential Server Room Design Tips

Posted by Gaw Technology on 11/12/2013 to Data Center Topics

In a perfect world business managers would always be able to hire IT experts to design and manage their servers, but the majority of small businesses and companies will have to handle their server duties on their own.  There is no shortage of talented and willing IT workers and server room experts to help you manage your servers, but you’ll need to help them out first by having the proper server room set up.  If you’re new to server set up and management planning a server room can feel overwhelming, but as long as you remember to keep a few things in mind you won’t have trouble creating a functioning and easy to manage server room.

Cable and cord management

Your server room isn’t just going to be full of servers and equipment, it’s also going to contain a seemingly endless amount of cables and cords.  It’s important to keep cable and cord management as a priority to ensure that your server room managers and workers can service equipment quickly.  Sloppily placed cords and cables will lead to tangles and damaged equipment, and it’ll make finding and working on servers and monitors that are in need of repairs difficult.  You may want to use a color coding system so that your workers can easily identify cords and cables, or possibly label them to avoid confusion.  Others have found that carefully bundling cables together helps keep them under control.

Physical security

Your IT workers and managers can handle putting security restrictions on your servers and equipment, so you should take it upon yourself to handle physical security.  Your server room should have some sort of physical access restriction so that you can ensure that only authorized personnel make it into your server room.  Keycard access and a few well-placed locks should be enough to make sure that only the right people have access to your servers, and after you finish that you should make sure that your servers are physically secure.  Look for server racks that have physical restraints for servers, or cabinets with locks. 

Important Contacts

If you want to make your new IT and server room workers happy, gather a list that contains the contact information of your service providers.  There’s nothing worse than trying to troubleshoot a problem while simultaneously trying to find out who your internet provider is.  Make sure you have the contact information for your internet provider, equipment vendors, software support, and repair people on hand to make the work day simpler.

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