Energy Efficiency in your Data Center

Posted by Gaw Technology on 5/30/2014

Making sure that your data center is run efficiently should be a top priority when designing the room. Whether you have a small or large center, it's crucial to make certain choices that will reduce costs and impact on the environment. Here are five simple ways to save energy in your data center:

Opt for Smart Airflow Management

When designing your data center, you'll want to maximize the air flow. The less hot air and cold air mix, the better. You want to ensure that your servers do not overheat so, to eliminate hot spots, use blanking plates (which are flat sheets of metal for the empty slots in your server racks).

Take Note of PUE Measurements

PUE stands for Power Usage Effectiveness. This ratio measures energy that does not have to do with computing functions such as cooling and power distribution. By measuring the PUE, you can manage your data center's energy. It's important to keep up with how often you measure and, optimally, you want to do so at least once per second.

Invest in Alternative Cooling

Servers can generate a lot of heat and since cooling a data center can be costly, you'll want to minimize the amount you have to use air conditioning units. To remove heat from your center without using a chiller, you should consider using water as an energy efficient solution. To do this, you should utilize low temperature ambient air or even evaporating water.

Adjust the thermostat

Many people believe that proper data center temperatures range from about 65-75 degrees, or even lower in some cases. However, this isn't necessarily true. The upper limit for server room temperatures is 80.6 degrees, according to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, but many people keep their server rooms much colder for fear of their equipment overheating. But such practices drain the budget, as it is expensive to keep a space consistently cool at these unnecessary levels. By turning up the thermostat even a few degrees, businesses could see major savings.

Distribute Power Efficiently

Try to minimize power loss in your high-performance data center. Servers waste most of the energy they use before they even start computing; by minimizing power conversion steps, you will be saving on distribution losses. For the conversion steps that are necessary, make sure to use efficient equipment and power distribution units.

From filling your space with high quality wall mount cabinets and racks to figuring out to save energy, a lot goes into forming a functional and efficient data center. Keep these five tips in mind and you should be on your way to creating a sustainable server room.


Date 6/20/2014
Jeff Kimmel
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