Does a Small Business Need Server Rack Cabinets?

Posted by Gaw Technology on 9/15/2014

Small businesses always need to consider purchases and investments carefully. Whether you have a single location or the beginnings of a small empire, resources in smaller businesses are always limited and everything you purchase has to contribute to your bottom line. This can be especially challenging when it comes to technology, which is both necessary and expensive. However, while most business owners don't hesitate to invest in the best computers and technology for their company, many are more hesitant when it comes to the accessories and infrastructure associated with those computers—items like server rack cabinets.


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Server rack cabinets are racks that are specially-designed to house computers and servers. Their purpose is to keep the office organized and the equipment running at peak efficiency. But do you really need them? The answer depends on your specific business but, as a general rule, as soon as your business owns one or more servers of its own, or any computers other than individual workers' desktop computers, it's wise to invest in a server rack cabinet.

Here are some of the reasons why:

1.  Maintenance and accessibility – By far, the best reason to get server rack cabinets is the most practical one: it makes your office easier to navigate and your machines easier to work with. Typically, servers and other computers are easiest to work on if they are all located in one place and are well-organized. Most will have a variety of cords and cables coming out of the back, which your server rack cabinet will keep organized and out of the way. And all of them make it easy to pull an individual machine or the whole rack and access them from the back, which is vital to quick maintenance—an advantage you won't regret if you ever have to take a server offline for repairs or upgrades.

2.  Cooling – Many smaller businesses don't worry about cooling because they have a limited number of machines, but even a few servers put out a lot of heat, and function best if given enough air flow. Server racks help keep them appropriately spaced and allow air to circulate adequately.

3.  A professional appearance – When people walk into your office, it shouldn't look like a computer hacker's bedroom. Professional equipment should be housed in professional cabinets, looking like the heart of a talented and knowledgeable enterprise.

From a crowded home office to a growing company headquarters, small businesses can benefit from these and other advantages that server rack cabinets provide. How does your office organize its computers?

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