Do I Really Need Seismic Racks?

Posted by Gaw Technology on 7/21/2014 to Rack Knowledge

Picture this scenario. You’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into technology infrastructure such as data storage, servers, cooling, and specialized computing machines. An earthquake strikes. It may not be a major earthquake—the news reporters could be talking about how few people were hurt, and how only minor damage was incurred. Unfortunately, for a business that depends on high performance electronics, the damage you incur might not be so minor.

In this situation, which would you rather have: bargain data racks that leave your machines susceptible to violent shaking, tipping over, falling overhead debris, and cooling failure? Or a seismic rack that minimizes the chance of all of these things? Any company in the data industry knows the answer: even “minor” failure of 20% or 25% of machines during a quake can spell the end of your investment.

Of course, not every company needs to invest in seismic racks. For some businesses they may be overkill. But there are a lot of businesses who would benefit from the added protection and don’t even realize it. Would your business be wise to invest in seismic racks? If any of the following apply to your company then the answer is yes:

·       The loss of a machine, even temporarily, would cost your business more than just its replacement cost. This is the ultimate test. For a few businesses, servers and storage are expendable assets. Replacing one with insurance money is as good as never having lost it. But in today’s economy, most of us would lose something far more valuable if we lose a machine: data. For a select few, basic day to day services for your customers would be interrupted. If any of those describe your operation, go with seismic racks.

·       You deal primarily in data. If data is your business then not protecting your machines is like leaving the door open on your warehouse. This includes not just data storage enterprises but any business where data is essential to operations.

·       You have specialized computers or servers. Smaller companies often think seismic racks aren’t necessary for them. But that’s not necessarily true. If you rely on specialized equipment, from high end creative systems to any kind of customized server, then your investment and livelihood are both at stake. Seismic racks will protect them.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your equipment. Get the seismic racks you need—before you need them.

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