Data Center Optimization: Four Essentials To Consider

Posted by Gaw Technology on 1/31/2013 to Data Center Topics
Protect Your Equipment With Built-To-Last Quality

To maximize uptime, provide for sustained productivity, and safeguard data you need, quality network equipment and quality server rack cabinets.

Here are the top four factors you need to consider when purchasing datacenter equipment and data center racks;

Today’s high performance and high density equipment needs as much airflow as possible to prevent overheating. Stay away from data cabinets with bottom-to-top cooling! These setups, designed for telecommunications equipment, do not accommodate modern data center equipment. You need complete front-to-back cooling with fully perforated doors or no doors at all. 

Make sure the electronic enclosure is sturdy. This is necessary for the increased density of modern data center equipment and the resulting increased weight and increased demand for power. Yes, there are many cheaper offshore alternatives, but in long run, they end up costing more in lost productivity and replacement costs.

When using heavy-duty seismic cabinets, make sure they have heavy-duty bolt-down points to protect against earthquakes and provide stability -- you don’t want the entire cabinet to fall apart in an earthquake. If you have raised floors, make sure you consider how these bolts will work with your floor plan. 


The doors should be easy to remove and reinstall by one person and should not come with hassles like nylon washers that detach and get lost. Doors shouldn’t bow or flex. Also it may be useful to consider server cabinets with split rear doors that save floor space, and allow easy access behind the rack.          

Invest in quality; it pays in the long run!

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